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Modern Jazz – Trio, Quartet, Sextet

To Pluto’s Moon – Arranged by Adam Everett

Billie’s Bounce – Performed by The Adam Everett Sextet

ABMUHR – Composed by Bryan Christopher Simmons

Yuletide – Arranged by Adam Everett

Michicant – Arranged by Adam Everett

Recurring – Arranged by Adam Everett

Number Two – Composed by The Adam Everett Quartet

Prince of Darkness – Performed by The Bryan Simmons Trio

Modern Jazz – Duo

Lost At Sea – Composed by Adam Everett

Traditional Jazz / Emperor Norton’s Jazz Band

Buddy Holly – Arranged by Emperor Norton’s Jazz Band

Pop/Alternative Misc.

Time On Me/Harlem Nocturne – Arranged by Jackie Gage

Last To Know – Composed by Veronica Malki