Hello Please

Free Trivia

Free Trivia
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Hello Please! Composed during the Time of Covid, this album is the result of many painstaking hours of mixing, cutting, pasting, ripping, kicking and screaming. The sophmore effort of Hello Please, Free Trivia feels like the next natural step in the progression. A melange of samples kicking it with live drums and synthesizers, plus a short list of featured contributers to complete the story. The album title reminds us of a better time, a peaceful time when you could do things like go to a regular trivia night at your friendly neighborhood bar. Special thanks to my contributors (aka friends) and to mom and dad. Sincerely, Adam

Featured personnel:

Mitchell Deitrick – Synth Bass, Electronic Percussion (Track 8)
Evan Paydon – Electric Bass (Track 5)
Jacob Stanley – Electric Guitar (Track 11)
Kaitlyn Adeline – Spoken (Track 4)

All drumming, sampling and synthesizers played by Adam Everett

Mastering by Evan Oberla

Copyright 2021